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  • Some of the best coronavirus tips that can help keep you safe come from COVID-19 survivors as opposed to doctors or scientists.
  • Everyone knows they need 3-layer face masks for everyday use, or reusable face masks — but you should also get yourself a pulse oximeter.
  • It’s a simple little device that can help alert you to a possible coronavirus infection even before you experience any noticeable symptoms, and Amazon’s best-selling model is only $29.95 right now.

There are a few things we need to have on us at all times in order to protect ourselves and our families from the novel coronavirus. It obviously goes without saying that face masks are at the very tol of the list. Amazon’s best-selling coronavirus face masks are great for normal everyday use, and they’re on sale right now for less than $1 each. Reusable face masks are also available for you to wear all day long.

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On top of face masks, you definitely should stock up on hand sanitizer. Puricia is actually available right now on Amazon, shocking though it may be, and Deham care is great for refills and is actually on sale currently.

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There a few more things you need like hand soap and paper towels, but there’s one more thing that you really need to make sure you have on hand. What’s this additional item that you need so desperately? It’s called a pulse oximeter, and it’s a tiny little gadget that clips onto the end of your finger and reads your blood oxygen saturation. Why is it so important? Because it can alert you to a possible coronavirus infection long before anything else that’s readily available — and that includes a thermometer. Many people who have COVID-19 don’t ever get a fever, as we’ve seen in several studies.

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COVID-19 attacks many parts of the body but it typically wreaks the most havoc on your lungs. Long before any other symptoms present, a COVID-19 infection can hinder the lungs’ ability to draw oxygen from the air. This causes blood oxygen levels to drop, and that’s why monitoring your blood oxygen level can be crucial in catching a possible coronavirus infection as early as possible. One coronavirus survivor who has been battling COVID-19 recently reminded everyone of this on Twitter:

In a healthy person, blood oxygen saturation should be anywhere between 95% and 100%. According to the Mayo Clinic, anything below 90% is considered unhealthy. In coronavirus patients, blood oxygen saturation as low as 50% has been observed. The Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is the step up from the basic pulse oximeter from above and it is more pricey. You should consider either of them. It only takes a few seconds to take a reading so you can do it each day, and then reach out to your doctor if you find any cause for concern.

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